Archives - L'impact de Kateri Tekakwitha sur les Médias

A "Saint Kateri" EXHIBIT is being prepared based on the hundreds of newspaper clips, magazine articles and memorabilia collected by the Kateri Center since 1948 thanks to the three vice-postulators who worked tirelessly for the "Cause of Kateri":
Fr Henri Béchard, S.J.; Fr Jacques Buyère, S.J. and Deacon Ron Boyer (Native).

Multiple documents are grouped together on an 11x17 inch laminated sheet; single-sided (except for item 2 above).
Each sheet is identified by a code at the bottom-left corner and the lists below refer to it.
In the lists, the pictures are identified according to their relative position on the sheet starting from top left to bottom right.

1. Representations of Saint Kateri (statues, paintings etc...)
Many of these are not originals and often their author is not known.
There are 106 sheets and they are grouped in 3 ways:
-By sheet
-By author

2. Newspaper, magazine and memorabilia up to the Canonization in 2012

3. Canonization related documents

These documents are sometimes multi-lingual and originate from many countries.

These sheets can be viewed three ways:


By subject / title / reference

By sheet

Non-EXHIBIT archival materical can be viewed by:


By subject / title / reference

By person / institution / reference

List of contributors

Up to 13 persons can be associated with a document. These contain full books, book covers, articles (newspapers, media, etc...) about history, culture ...

This page will be regularly updated as new documents are processed.

More search features are also indevelopment.

Alltogether, more than 1,500 documents make up this section.